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Wiz Khalifa - Prince Of The City: Welcome To Pistolvania

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Uploaded 08/10/2006
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Pittsburgh @realwizkhalifa released 2006
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2:39 PM March 9, 2014 Matown said:

This was when Wiz was on his lyrical ****.
3:45 PM December 13, 2013 rez_2115 said:

Classic shxt! Wiz had that Dip Set flo a lil bit
8:19 PM July 8, 2013 TheFreeze954 said:

its funny how close minded the people on here with these comments are.. wiz grew up out of his old ways which is why his lyrics changed.. dont get me wrong his classic **** is raw hands down
2:47 PM June 17, 2013 Zewg via Mobile:

Wiz aint from pittsburgh, he just lived here when he blew up. Used us. He get no love from real city fans.
1:23 AM May 13, 2013 rjreeder64 said:

This the Wiz the game needs
9:49 PM May 8, 2013 420nick via Mobile:

Prince of the city where it at If u listen to wiz u got listen to old wiz not that new crap
2:56 AM May 7, 2013 SHELL1523 said:

classic tape
11:43 PM February 13, 2013 jlwwal said:

84 wtf besides Kush & OJ this should be his 2nd highest rated mixtape back when wiz lyrics was raw af