Joey Fatts - Chipper Jones EP

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10:20 PM May 29, 2013 PorkChopKing26 said:

space ghost should do a track with him also freddie gibbs
6:08 PM March 8, 2013 xyungcashx said:

norfsidee long beach ^
2:59 PM February 26, 2013 chavoesco via Mobile:

As Wa
4:52 PM December 16, 2012 ninjawolf27 said:

Well, I kinda agree with rio. But then again his sound & flow are so nice I really dont give a ****. But yeah, if he was more lyrical or his lyrics meant somethin, thatd be awesome.
6:42 PM August 19, 2012 Zerix said:

agree wit rio
5:47 PM August 18, 2012 SOLOdolo248 said:

5:27 PM August 15, 2012 rio_90 said:

sound nice just tired of all the trap talk lets be a lil more original
2:33 PM August 15, 2012 RAJRON said:

This nigga should not be on indy.. He is NICE *Fabolous voice*

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