Munchi - Trap Bubbling

In whats truly the first time a project of this magnitude has ever been conceived on this level, Trapaholics presents Trap Bubbling, a special project from Rotterdams Munchi, mixed by the one and only Disc Jockey Nappy. The term Trap has been buzzing on the Net and in the Club over the last couple of months, with the undeniable 808 bounce moving to the next level. With this project, Munchi takes tracks many Hip-Hop heads are already familiar with (from the likes of Waka Flocka, the Diplomats and many more) and re-imagines these massive anthems for the EDM crowd. Youve probably heard producers remix and refix these tracks, but nothing with as official of a stamp as the Trapaholics have given this project. Damn, son, hows the future of music feel?!

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1:30 PM April 12, 2018 FlexMax said:

Soo bad 1/10 Pkt.
6:56 PM November 21, 2012 187moises said:

from holland 2 the world !!!!!
6:44 PM November 21, 2012 187moises said:

wauw this nigge really made it
11:01 PM November 18, 2012 AlwaysScubaDivin said:

why people hatin on this. this **** goes hard. especially the last song
1:23 PM September 14, 2012 jarphynator said:

cold jive *** turkey hatin motha****as^ keep slappin MUNCHI!!!
12:08 PM September 14, 2012 crunkpopeye said:

****in sucked.
10:10 PM September 13, 2012 durantmississippi said:

It's a mixture of rap and techno which is equal to elephant ****
10:49 AM September 13, 2012 sfchudson2011 via Mobile:

The intro at the top of the page made this **** seem like it was the next hottest music. Take this bull**** off please.