Diamond - The Young Life

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10:45 AM October 25, 2012 Texas_PlayaMade via Mobile:

Better than nicki a-town gotta shout out
10:33 PM October 21, 2012 ciroc18 said:

At The Bar Bumpin'
1:39 PM October 17, 2012 1_BabyThuggie said:

realchic suck my **** hoe n ride my face n shut ur ****in yapp
1:36 PM October 17, 2012 1_BabyThuggie said:

no smash idiot n u cant love her if u dont feel this n shes better without crime mob .... anyway keep doin u n drama queen can suck her *****
6:20 PM October 15, 2012 Kesofab via Mobile:

Definitely not feeling this. Love her tho. :(
4:06 PM October 13, 2012 LANiQUE94 said:

i ****s wit Diamond but yea idk what the **** she was thinking with this . she was way harder in Crime Mob !
7:10 PM October 6, 2012 KingEl said:

Jus wanna smash...
12:17 PM September 21, 2012 ATLshawtyshawty said:

I phucks w/ Diamond but this ish SUCKS HARD @realchic24 its time to hear sum new chics I agree! I agree w/ BMF_Chaseowewest tho SO RITE!