Knormul A+ - Knormul

DJs: DJ 864
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10:54 AM September 4, 2012 OfficialJayScholar said:

Good work! You already know "Precipitate" is a go, but "Weekend Alcoholic" is def a banger! SALUTE!!
9:17 PM August 30, 2012 marquistheman904 said:

this nigga born on my birthday for real doe download # leo life
10:13 AM August 26, 2012 ISE_2011 said:

This is an awesome project, from start to finish. Stay tuned for the deluxe edition of 'Knormul' coming soon and support him by getting this project on iTunes #MizfitGang #AEG #GAWS
7:19 PM August 24, 2012 Hydro_Davy said:

7:22 AM August 24, 2012 CarolinaGoGetta_843 said:

that #2 is my joint im rocking with that all day.
7:16 AM August 24, 2012 keizthedj said:

We going in homie!!! Lets do it!!!!! Im rocking withca til the wheels fall off !!!!