Slugga - Long Time Coming

DJs: DJ Genius
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11:18 AM September 17, 2013 antman2233 said:

all the cport nigga underatted
12:33 PM September 12, 2012 jc4513 said:

i **** wit slugga music......SMOOTH...
12:09 PM September 3, 2012 sakdup said:

listened to his cport nigga mixtape on hear also dude has a nice flow giving it a up also
11:59 AM September 3, 2012 duvalallday said:

duval ****ing wit cha hommie!!! tape going in!!
6:09 AM September 1, 2012 cportdre said:

that intro hard lil hommie and im ****in wit that mention me and look at me cause i know how you came up i remember nigga!! keep grindin **** a hater!!
6:06 AM September 1, 2012 cportdre said:

cause they know how cport niggas get down do ya thang lil hommie you know they go hate cause you been doing numbers since a young nigga!! real life cport ****
6:06 AM September 1, 2012 cportdre said:

everybody knows that aint the real dj scream and if he wanted scream to host his tape he couldve afforded it when he was 13 or 14 real talk! thats just another hater talkin bs from a fake name
1:23 AM September 1, 2012 DJ_scream said:

salute to my nigga DJ genius for giving this bum artists slugga a free host after a turned his bum *** down
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