Skyzoo - Theo Vs. J.J. (Dreams Vs. Reality)

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1:46 AM January 12, 2013 bubb513 via Mobile:

I wasn't hype to him big ups to my boi Fo turning me on
3:14 AM December 30, 2012 BLAKESWAZE via Mobile:

Had to double back from ADD
11:54 AM October 2, 2012 Em43 via Mobile:

Sky is consistent!!!
4:06 PM September 1, 2012 twuand said:

nice flow!!!
12:59 AM September 1, 2012 ducko85 said:

Besides nevermind what the label says. The music is the proof and that is thorough
12:59 AM September 1, 2012 ducko85 said:

Indy means its not submitted by a label. It's submitted by the artist him/herself.
11:57 AM August 31, 2012 JaE_MiXtApEz said:

Real Hip Hop.
7:47 AM August 31, 2012 bonafide38 said:

...Indy? Wow, Livemixtapes ****ing up. Whatever though... Zoo killed the ****, all that matters.