Sid Sriram - Day Dream

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1:04 PM December 18, 2012 tokyo_democrat_ said:

@Finest it was always about hos guns etc etc didn't NWA ring the bell 20 years ago?
12:55 PM November 21, 2012 Finest42 via Mobile:

No idea what made me listen....think it was the cover but I love it. Listened to 8 mixtapes today about drugs, club, guns, and hoes. Thank God for a breath of fresh air!
11:50 AM October 2, 2012 lite1witme said:

never heard of dude, dont even know what made me pic on it but im glad I did. Slim is talented as F and the mixtape go hard...Good Music right here, nice combo of the new, old , and original.
10:25 PM September 12, 2012 dalee386 said:

Worth a listen dope Youtube vidoes too!
4:50 AM September 10, 2012 datzrein said:

Been following this dude for awhile on youtube...i got so excited when i saw this mixtape pop up! This is my sheit! #Dope
1:38 AM September 10, 2012 kashbags35 said:

3:18 PM September 9, 2012 law221 said:

Previewed 'Insanity' and it convinced me to give this a try.
12:44 AM September 9, 2012 lguerrid said: