Trigg Da Kidd - Trigganometry 101

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8:44 PM December 4, 2013 skuff said:

4:51 PM December 15, 2012 050thugz said:

Im Jus Listnin 2 Dis & Gotta Come Back 2 Say This Great!
10:25 AM October 11, 2012 Accent said:

This aint no mixtape this a dope *** album! got this on repeat
11:40 AM October 8, 2012 Ypc_Vannie said:

Dis Nigga Garbage
5:16 PM October 6, 2012 BeirzhetteAmyre said:

Listening to this as I type. Some songs I enjoy more than others but overall I really like the mixtape. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.
1:26 AM October 2, 2012 DRENO_SALUCCI said:

j dee sent me here had to come support this **** dope #salute #GETTAENT
12:00 PM September 29, 2012 enjoitrans said:

Oh yeah, thumbs up on the visuals as well!
11:59 AM September 29, 2012 enjoitrans said:

Excellent mixtape! He got bangers on deck! Dude showed some versatility, which is hard to come by w/ rappers nowadays...he gonna be a problem.