Elz Jenkins - Don't I Look Like A Drug Dealer

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2:19 PM June 11, 2014 trappachris713 said:

we fukk wit you in Htown bruh come do a show!
4:50 PM May 7, 2014 iamcmorrison720 said:

Im lost that nobody has heard this ****! Where is talk my **** tho? Still goin
7:09 PM May 20, 2013 PrettestFlyest said:

shoutout to my **** lol i love it
8:27 PM May 2, 2013 iamfinest804 said:

thought i was late! his score should be way higher WTF!?!?! hes one of the best
8:24 PM May 2, 2013 Westwest912 said:

i love you eastside elz
6:35 PM May 2, 2013 Westwest912 said:

I love him on Jarren Benton ****
11:36 AM November 22, 2012 rawironproducts said:

Rockin to Eastside Elz all the way in Afghanistan. Tape caught me by surprise, but not really cause last single "fallin off the floor" was banging. Keep em coming await next mixtape.
11:26 AM October 24, 2012 Roxxie404 said:

yo gang sign is a flex sign