Chuuwee - Chez!!?...Chill!!!


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12:36 AM April 17, 2013 joeldglee said:

chuwee is a rare gem...amazing ****
10:35 AM October 8, 2012 Marshan904 said:

illuminati because y'all see a freemason sign?like if y'all don't know wat Freemason is go to the lodge n get so a mason and my grandfather a mason and he a pastor at my chruch.
3:45 PM September 16, 2012 jamelmarable said:

This Nigga Wreckin what yall hatin on mane! wtf he sound good in ym headfones thats all i know on Blood
11:57 PM September 12, 2012 bulletxxx92 said:

if he is in the illuminati... then they ripped him off. SMH
11:27 PM September 12, 2012 tycelius said:

free mason logo... the more the souls sway in the direction of the devil only proves the prophesy is right pray bros n sis. the time is near
11:10 AM September 12, 2012 vonchez15 said:

this tape cool
4:28 AM September 12, 2012 itzj1 said:

Haven't heard any good music in a while....good look!
6:43 PM September 11, 2012 Mdimascio via Mobile:

Good tape but why this nigga only got 9 tracks?