Alley Boy - The Gift Of Discernment


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3:55 AM December 5, 2013 JJS via Mobile:

ALL FOR YOU shud of blew his career .
2:22 PM October 23, 2013 Professor859 said:

@kahrig23 haha cute ****. i never said TI wasnt a good rapper...hes just a RAPPER. not what he portrays in his music
11:01 PM September 12, 2013 kahrig23 said:

@Professor859 t.i own atl he killed **** back in the day altho he did fall of but aint nobody ****in wit rubberband man... watchu know about that ***** nigga
5:07 AM August 31, 2013 afrika18 via Mobile:

Real ****
1:42 AM August 15, 2013 afrika18 via Mobile:

all for you that muther****in HIT EEWWWWWWEEEEEE SSHHHHiiiiiiiiiiT!!!!
1:53 PM June 8, 2013 MarcDs said:

Didnt dis nigga get shut down talking all dat **** talmbout nobody better do **** in the A and the next day he came out with some apologetic video.
2:27 PM May 25, 2013 Professor859 said:

lol at the clowns on TIs nuts...aint nobody gonna ride with TIP over Alley Boy gtfohere
11:03 PM April 17, 2013 bugaloo24 said:

Are u a wolf or a sheep?