Let's Go

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6:34 PM October 11, 2012 underachieveruno said:

This is actually real good no annoying djay yelling on every track good transitions and scratching!
10:26 PM September 20, 2012 nizeokun said:

4:07 PM September 17, 2012 AerkaProductions said:

thats it
11:07 AM September 17, 2012 emmmanuel said:

11:55 PM September 16, 2012 knightchild said:

I dunno what to say. It was annoying to listen to -_-
8:41 PM September 16, 2012 drank_sippa said:

whos tha chick in tha cover
6:19 PM September 16, 2012 thomasstrasser said:

Don't hate,undacovaluva I don't see you putting out albums watch the video fist before you comment just becuase you can't dj or rap or put out albums doesn't give you a right to hate
5:55 PM September 16, 2012 thomasstrasser said:

I use to dj this dude to admit is way better than me