ChiTown Virus - Free Agency

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11:35 PM October 12, 2012 KottonKandie said:

Can u tell me where u bought your views from so I can buy them for my uncle mixtape.
8:17 PM September 24, 2012 sheedindisbytch said:

qp's young gunner ctv gone take this music to a whole new level
7:06 PM September 24, 2012 Illion said:

Chitown stand up for chitown virus!
Real hip hop!
Kanye come get this nigga.
11:22 AM September 24, 2012 lucky_lisa said:

You looked cute in your video. Keep up the good work.
11:13 AM September 24, 2012 Kenny_113 said:

Da heart track go ham bro
7:19 PM September 22, 2012 Demo565 said:

You're pretty good
1:07 AM September 22, 2012 Adamdman1 said:

Best mixtape I've heard in years. Keep it up buh
5:33 PM September 20, 2012 E_Ric_ said:

You have a original style, speak from the heart, and paint pictures with your lyrics. This tape is really good. In fact its great. Good look and I'll be waiting on the next one