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White Men Can Jump 2

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Score: 10
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Uploaded 09/20/2012
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4:32 PM July 28, 2013 Young_ro09 said:

Damn.. I've never seen s score like that in my life. Lls
4:27 PM June 22, 2013 danielm1993 said:

Y'all some dumbasses thinkin logic ain't mixed. That man has said it himself.
6:08 PM May 13, 2013 LouieMurda via Mobile:

@mrdaj13 no hes not nigga you stupid. His name is SIR BRYSON HALL II.
4:05 PM April 26, 2013 mrdaj13 via Mobile:

Logic mixed he just look white
9:01 PM April 22, 2013 LouieMurda via Mobile:

The only good white rappers is lil gucc, vinnie paz, and action bronson
5:54 PM January 28, 2013 RealBass said:

this is the ****, everybody who voted down
1:43 PM January 9, 2013 kamakazie said:

Man yall just some lames and dont kno shyt about real music and **** mac miller
12:10 AM December 17, 2012 Cloud_Kick3r said:

haha logic is white bro