T.E.C. - The Take Off

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2:37 PM May 20, 2013 KushBeautii said:

This Mixtape >> Bangg ! Like frfr looking for more iish from him ! T.E.C done got it !
10:46 PM March 12, 2013 lilevx1 said:

@j_VA_ that boosie lil cuzzin tec they bout from b.r
11:24 PM February 19, 2013 dtre303 via Mobile:

Free my brotha mayne!
1:11 PM February 10, 2013 deezy22 said:

regardless of the comparisons dis mixtape go hard nigga. FREE TEC!! and all da other louisiana rappers on lockdown. NoLimitForever *****!
9:47 AM January 30, 2013 BigBawdy via Mobile:

Free T.E.C. My nigga sitting down right now 4 a temp murder charge hold him down till he get home. No Limit Forever!! Louie V Mob New World Order 2-12-13 The Mob Is Coming!!!!!
3:45 PM January 23, 2013 Mr_MBT via Mobile:

615 TN Fuccn Wit Cha Cuz FREE BOOSIE, CMURDA, YOUNG BUCC, BG, RED DOT Real Rappers Dats Gon
6:42 PM January 16, 2013 llcoolvee said:

no limit forever
7:32 PM December 27, 2012 POLOKIDD via Mobile: