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Stankonia Session (A3C Edition)

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Uploaded 10/02/2012
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Artists who participated in the project include 9th Wonder, Killer Mike, Ying Yang Twins, Rapsody, Freeway, Thurzday, Aleon Craft, Jon Connor and many more

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1:53 AM November 13, 2012 Tekwon said:

What happened to The Journey?
8:02 PM October 4, 2012 younguapo said:

yeah the dungeon wouldnt put no bs like that out eva
1:27 PM October 4, 2012 jtmegadadon said:

This was recorded at Stankonia Studios, hence the name.
8:04 PM October 3, 2012 younguapo said:

you mfs born after 89 that dat **** i dont like put outkast on the next mixtapes or eat peaches ***** as a matter of fact suck a **** mf
8:04 PM October 3, 2012 younguapo said:

how the **** do you have a mixtapes called stankonia with no outkast
9:10 AM October 3, 2012 theory0818 said:

how u gonna call 6 songs a mixtape, i dont even need to listen im voting down for wasting my time
8:02 PM October 2, 2012 Profeyae via Mobile:

This is DOPE...but the best song on here got cut short.
5:06 PM October 2, 2012 Tristanmd said:

Fix the Journey