A-Train & DK All Day - Slang Life EP

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9:30 AM September 29, 2012 Mr_715 via Mobile:

3:37 AM September 29, 2012 DKallday_HXP said:

bruh, yungundacovaluva is a stalker man. he probs had beef wit me or train. let him be. the mixtape rollin. we straight. lmao he the loser. god bless bruh. wish the best u for yung"luva" SLANGLIFE
2:24 AM September 29, 2012 trakformerz via Mobile:

To the undercover dude if you dont like it why are you waisting your energy by clicking on it you liokin like a big *** hater
12:00 AM September 29, 2012 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

5:41 PM September 28, 2012 trakformerz said:

5:23 PM September 28, 2012 DKallday_HXP said:

"SLANGIN'" the single. enjoy. love&hate. we preciate it all. TRIZZY x DK all day. BAOW.
4:40 PM September 28, 2012 karmaloony said:

who is this kid???? he is dope as **** those guys must just be haters lol love it
4:16 PM September 28, 2012 Ayo_There_Go_E said:

Damn i really like 2 & 3 everything else it okay