TDE - All Rize To Tha Top

DJ September 7th re-releases "All Rize To Tha Top", a compilation of music from Top Dawg Entertainment (Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, etc..) This will be a blast from the past to the new TDE/Black Hippy listeners and a great reminiscent reminder to the fans that go back to the beginning! Enjoy & share with another fan/friend!

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10:13 AM April 18, 2013 Juicytacos via Mobile:

5:45 AM April 16, 2013 mikeiuni said:

That would be dj September 7 the know your **** before u try to pit someone blast n act like u know niggard u don't know nothing bout t.d.e yungn!!!!!#3rs coast rydah
2:43 PM December 3, 2012 Murda_L said:

Who da fuq iz dat nigga in da white T on the far left end right next to Ab-Soul in the album cover? I thought there was only 4 members of Black Hippy?
9:14 PM October 3, 2012 henry_branch said:

i like how u justify posting old **** by saying its a blast from the past to new listeners. FOH
12:45 PM September 30, 2012 NiNibad19 said:

you can tell it's old 'cause of the picture.
3:25 PM September 28, 2012 ckilla97 via Mobile:

black hippy!!!!
2:17 PM September 28, 2012 bo15 via Mobile:

7:54 AM September 28, 2012 teeziC7 said:

had this be4 still fire tho