Shyne - Gangland


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2:27 PM October 10, 2013 conste13 said:

Track number 7 wtf what happen to Pusha T
3:14 PM August 13, 2013 madroxide said:

Good ****....spittin the real.**** rick ross and this new generation of bull**** rap.Keep it up Po.
2:11 AM March 15, 2013 slf337 said:

This would be a bangin cd if his voice wasnt anointing..... because the lyrics are on point
3:02 AM March 3, 2013 mechov62 said:

goes hard. spittin that real ****
12:58 PM February 9, 2013 ViaViaBoom said:

these are what are dubbed 'lost tapes' that real niggas listen to. scarface is another example. wouldn't be surprised to hear this bumpin in the game's 64 or dmx's nova
12:51 PM February 9, 2013 ViaViaBoom said:

verses r crack. 8 my fav too, very new york this tape. i give 2 votes. but imagine shyne on a trapaholic dj drama mix. that judas undercover GD shyt seems to be his concern. oh well a nice effort
6:21 PM January 11, 2013 dah1981 said:

dat don't sound **** like shyne cause his voice cracking to much plus shyne wouldn't come out wit no weak *** **** like dis
8:55 PM January 8, 2013 23pimpjones said:

Hot mixtape song bobby seale and meyer lansky the beat for bobby seale is crack