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Large On Da Streets 27 (Hosted By Bambino Gold)

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Uploaded 09/27/2012
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11:50 PM April 28, 2013 snowmaneatl via Mobile:

If it wasnt for Troy Aug wouldn't have been heard of anywhere... Real talk Patna oh yea **** y'all aug **** talkn niggaz hatin .. Get u some ****n money
4:31 PM December 24, 2012 fozz09 said:

BOMB OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!
2:26 PM November 15, 2012 Rameat_86 said:

These niggas on tv the ones u need to check into it is called the entertainment business
2:23 PM November 15, 2012 Rameat_86 said:

This aug **** wit my nigga troy done got on my last dam nerves Troy wasnt even born in aug so why yall poppin off couse he made it Bunch of hate in *** niggas i swear
1:11 AM October 27, 2012 iownab said:

What's in Augusta? L0l
1:27 PM October 20, 2012 claymoore said:

Gucci And Future Hammin ON 21 **** The World
2:29 PM October 16, 2012 amsterdamshawty said:

Bambino gold nothing against your music homie but troy aint real no street cred you street nigga should have never put that ***** nigga on your album aug 4life.
12:28 PM October 16, 2012 amsterdamshawty said:

Troy a *****.lakeolmstead harrisburg augustajb real to the end preachers child your not street when you came to augusta you was green talking bout u from the*****.