GRAMz - Shottas

DJs: DJ S.R.
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12:17 PM December 29, 2012 fatass36 said:

this sum bullllllllll****tttttt
3:43 PM September 30, 2012 chrisw12345 said:

is that a chevelle or a camero on the album cover?
12:38 PM September 29, 2012 fatass36 said:

bull**** muzik
10:11 AM September 29, 2012 mastamindatl said:

good muzik
8:59 PM September 28, 2012 GRAMzzz said:

LMFAO CSC SMc #shottas We Out Chea That Net ****Dnt Mean Nun bowbowbow
8:51 PM September 28, 2012 ontharun said:

we **** n pimp out lil guys like you just to kill time during lock up JUST CAUSE WE KNOW YOU LACK YOUR FATHER FIGURE and looking for a DADDY.we murk tha streets repping JAIL LIFE HELL LIFE
8:39 PM September 28, 2012 stasup said:

stop putting **** on yo momma, especially if YOU look like she ain't worth nothing... your moms got to have VALUE in order for you to put that on her for us to believe you!