Pop Models 5

POP MODELS Volume 5 is brought to you by DJ JAYCEEOH, The creator of the Super 7 Mix Series. "POP MODELS" is a high energy party mix jumping genres and touching on everything including hiphop, trap, dubstep, eletcro, house, and Drum-N-Bass... Each song is flipped and reworked in high fashion. Listen to see why JayCeeOh is known for his timeless mixtape masterpieces.

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2:56 AM July 23, 2014 DataBass said:

Hella nice man, **** the haters this **** is hard as ****.
2:21 AM October 29, 2012 diamondbiscutz said:

The mixtape is supposed to take you on a musical adventure. It's not an album to skip track to track.
7:42 PM October 10, 2012 tillamonsta said:

this tape is massive, yall trippin. Mixed by a master!!! do ya research
1:32 PM October 8, 2012 ZakarriB via Mobile:

This **** is **** worthless
3:33 AM October 6, 2012 buellezell said:

Fux da haters!!!! Keep it up bro.....talent!
1:47 AM October 6, 2012 hugojax said:

good mixtape if u like this kind of music. worth a download and a vote up.
7:29 PM October 5, 2012 JayCeeOh said:

It's a "mix" tape... all of the songs seamlessly mix into the next one... not meant to be heard "track-by-track"
6:12 PM October 5, 2012 sorwick said:

a 22 second song.. that is just great.. why bother making a tape like this.. so pointless