Paper Diamond - Night Vision

Paper Diamond's Night Vision Tour kicks off today and PD has put together a 30 minute mix for free download! The new mix contains a slew of unheard Paper Diamond tracks along with some of PD's current favorites. Download the mix, turn up, and we'll see you at the show!

Brought to you by Mad Decent,, ,, and Zeal.

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12:52 PM October 13, 2012 tillamonsta said:

Paper Diamond got next. Just watch the video. Amazing!
6:05 PM October 6, 2012 Cloud_Kick3r said:

its a good switch when you want to re-establish the flow of music instead of playing dubstep the whole time at a show
11:15 AM October 4, 2012 DamienMayfield said:

What good about somebody playing instrumentals,i don't get it
2:03 AM October 4, 2012 pesh22 said:

Epic Tape!!!