Bishop Lamont - The Layover

DJs: DJ Woogie

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2:16 AM November 8, 2014 connorlangeisraw said:

this needs way more views wtf. i slept on dis nigga never knew he existed til i was lookin at woogie tapes and found it. best **** woogie ever hosted
1:47 AM October 14, 2012 jsanchez8324 said:

this some garbage, from the first track when he disses the south, ***** *** lamont needs to quit.
6:16 PM October 13, 2012 uaskwhathapen said:

Oh yea Homie Nice Off Rip Any 1 hating on this is on wearin skinny jeans and rockin dreads looking like lil Wayne
8:14 PM October 12, 2012 DaMusicManiac said:

This is good.Whats wit all the negative votes?
11:18 PM October 10, 2012 DJRedVillain said:

I listened to the whole mixtape..It's pretty much some Raw Hip-Hop..Cats who claim this is wack or trash must obviously don't have their 3rd Eye open and and can't separate real from fake..
1:56 AM October 10, 2012 eddy201217 said:

Cruzn tunes mane!!!
1:54 PM October 9, 2012 ernone said:

this **** bang
10:42 AM October 9, 2012 chinamanWestonFL said:

this nigggas just said " dont make me show your real picture Dorian Gray" *****LEAGUE OF EXTRODINARY GENTLEMAN nicee reference BISH