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1:40 PM April 18, 2015 robpresident20 via Mobile:

Wavy mixtape
3:28 PM September 22, 2014 slouis3113 said:

Y3a my ni66a Dom know what he doin' Fo' $ho, man wutta bright Futur3 for d3m Guyz V.S.G. From Tha STL all tha way 2 O.P.M. in L.A. Fool3y Lol Rich Ni66a $hit, & $alut3!
10:33 AM May 24, 2014 thakidTD said:

I'm so suprised this mixtape didn't have a higher score!
9:02 PM July 30, 2013 Bdave8806 via Mobile:

The ****
9:22 AM July 28, 2013 Yc_Boy3 said:

MVP and judgement are bangerz
8:30 PM July 2, 2013 Dodgerfitted via Mobile:

6:24 PM June 26, 2013 FrostyGrip said:

Dom Kennedy is that dude, Him and Schoolboy Q are who I'm always checking for from the west! he's a beast.
10:23 PM June 21, 2013 Bdave8806 via Mobile:

Slept on tough! Dis jam all the way thru