Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Chop


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9:24 AM August 4, 2013 Moem09 said:

Damn I love me some chopped music!!!!!!!!!!
10:31 PM November 30, 2012 DreadStoner24 via Mobile:

This hoe jams I fucc's wit Ross
9:06 PM October 21, 2012 bigkuntry51 said:

PyrexKing: i guess u like yo gotti den. . . wut u doing??? selling dope??? u tryna fuk an gt rich too, evadently u aint **** . . . u on LiveMixtapes. fakest no name dude in da game LOL!!!!
10:56 AM October 21, 2012 MisPretty13 via Mobile:

Unrealistic MF... That Hype Too Much MMG Needs To Step Up...
12:50 AM October 21, 2012 igm24 said:

fake *** renta cop
10:09 AM October 20, 2012 michael428 said:

man ross go hard if u dnt wana hear em talk bout money, food n *****es n being rich den dnt bump em. dnt click on he muzik at all. haterz jst make he money multiply. ---odd hustler
8:41 PM October 19, 2012 rgallaway said:

What's he supposed to talk about.. selling drugs?
5:52 PM October 19, 2012 PyrexKing said:

Rippla, Ross is a horrible rapper. The whole tape is garbage, he talks about being rich, food and ****ing. Nothing else about him is real, the fakest in the game.