Talabandz - Bitch We Boolin

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5:01 PM December 21, 2012 cdashp said:

born a goon u die a goon ***** ni**as aint fakin out here cuz wake ya *** up or be brain dead *****.
2:59 PM December 19, 2012 tymula via Mobile:

**** dumb af
11:23 PM October 27, 2012 THANOVADROUGHT1 said:

5:03 AM October 27, 2012 boss7414hood said:

that b the mf that get shot stay n yo lane so sit back and ask yoself "was i born a *****" and the answer would b hell yea *****
5:03 AM October 27, 2012 boss7414hood said:

ok why yo *** cant b diff and clean up the streets yo self its always somebody tryna b a peacemaker
5:58 PM October 26, 2012 dion130 said:

when yall gone grow out of this weed smoking and guns stuff? rapping about the same thing mainstream rappers talk about be different
3:36 PM October 25, 2012 boss7414hood said:

im ****in wit da bandz chiraq to east haiti dey go hard #talabandz
1:17 AM October 24, 2012 rgallaway said: