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I Am Mixtapes 130

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Uploaded 10/20/2012
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8:28 PM April 10, 2013 w00dy15 said:

Gucci alredy proved to everybody hell shoot!!ask jeezy
9:30 AM January 25, 2013 mwizkhalifa via Mobile:

Check the bckground on jeezy and when u start outtin icecreams on your face idc wats its for your soft
9:28 AM January 25, 2013 mwizkhalifa via Mobile:

boy psel jeezy is one of the realest haha get ya mind rite
11:15 AM January 10, 2013 rong74 said:

jezzy raps goes hard but everyone knows he aint no gangsta!
2:45 PM December 28, 2012 nyneshellshoc said:

why everybody hatin on Jeezy? cuz he got more money than bricksquad?
2:07 PM December 15, 2012 Maniackk236 via Mobile:

Gucci is dat type of nikka that smells like asz nd sukz **** in da corner... Jeezy da type of nikka dat kills nikkas like dat lol
2:17 PM December 14, 2012 AKingof1Self said:

Man Gucci A Real Nigga Jeezy Aint Neva Put No Work In. He Hang Wit J-Zay n Kanye Both Industy *** Niggas. jeezy Hide Behind Real Niggas. Gucci That Nigga That Is Front Of Those Real Niggas BUSSSIN!
8:13 PM November 28, 2012 9464 said:

Jeezy go to hard