JABB - Pen & Paper

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9:21 AM January 15, 2013 dkennedy15 said:

#SignJABB whole tape is LEGIT
12:36 PM December 17, 2012 shonuff21 said:

I just want to say you got it my nigga. I'll throw my diamond up for you homie. Hope you make it #signJABB
2:02 AM December 5, 2012 Fukkuhoee said:

Why isn't this on the main page? Good ****! #signJABB
1:58 PM December 3, 2012 fashonuff91 said:

*throws diamond up* #signJABB
1:40 AM November 29, 2012 Alucard92 said:

JABB did right with the Producers on this mixtape. Shiz dope af. Good Job bro. #signJABB
1:54 PM November 25, 2012 truesoldier88 said:

I agree with @realniggawhuddup!!! my diamond is in the air for this nigga #signJABB
1:48 PM November 25, 2012 idgafin_nuck said:

I took off on smoke attire and that FOH gets me hype! where is he from????
1:42 PM November 25, 2012 pillpoppinanimal91 said:

I'm wit all the others #signjabb