No Limits - Man Vs Machine

No Limits is announcing their upcoming EP "Man vs Machine." The EP is made up of two 19 year old producers (Jordan Roman and Jack Brady) from Akron, OH. They are bringing a unique sound by incorporating a guitar and and other live elements to the EDM world, which takes their live performances to the next level.

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11:04 AM November 16, 2012 brandinalston said:

12:26 PM November 15, 2012 CB__ said:

great work jro this is ****ing sick.
7:38 AM November 15, 2012 westhawks said:

this **** bangs
10:23 AM November 14, 2012 sipp said:

I'm going to give these two 19 year old gentleman some encouraging advice...quit while you're ahead, the future is looking dim for you lmao
3:47 PM November 13, 2012 tunedoutkid said:

damnnn this is filthhhyyyy instant DL
11:31 AM November 13, 2012 paquart said:

Well this got my panties in a bunch

P.s. Im not even wearing undergarments
11:27 AM November 13, 2012 TheOneMic said:

10:47 AM November 13, 2012 Edmgod2011 said:

This Ep is amazing..such variety. I can't wait too see what next from no limits .. COME TO FLORIDA!!!