Corner Boy P - Money Neva Sleep 2

DJs: Jets

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12:21 AM March 27, 2014 smokindub said:

middle finger out the sunroof to the pussies who show this nigga noi love, real talk real life rap,
6:30 PM June 14, 2013 duck_taylor via Mobile:

Of corse tum tum aka Zilla killed it!!!
6:29 PM June 14, 2013 duck_taylor via Mobile:

12:04 PM March 27, 2013 2solid via Mobile:

Jets nigga not a big corner boy p fan but he ain't wack I respect bra he almost dere doe to b honest dis nigga gon b the voice for dem real hood niggas
3:20 AM January 30, 2013 swavei89 said:

Woah.! this niggas NICE
6:24 AM November 12, 2012 oking2 said:

i still got my hussle too my nig
12:16 PM November 5, 2012 vsutrojan33 said:

Vote for this tape, Hella Dope!
8:17 AM November 5, 2012 DAL_4135 said:

Ready for Jet World Order 2 this month!