Gudda Gudda - Guddaville 3

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6:50 PM August 4, 2015 ayonnmorgan said:

I like the wiz khalifa track
7:47 AM October 15, 2014 LikklePollo said:

4:02 AM November 1, 2013 chrizzycrack via Mobile:

Gudda Gudda!
7:32 PM March 7, 2013 rasif4life said:

The hardest nigga of young money & they ain't pushed this nigga out yet patience is a virtue do ya thing my nigga
11:47 AM January 28, 2013 KidNova928 via Mobile:

This and bang bang are the best on the tape! Great mixtape!
9:16 PM January 4, 2013 YungGuna318 via Mobile:

My Nigga gudda gudda kilt dis **** 504 all day to 318 Lower 3rds in dis *****
9:37 PM December 22, 2012 ree1102 via Mobile:

Definitely one of the better free albums dropped this year # slepton
11:22 AM December 20, 2012 treman504 said:

u dnt kno wat dat man goin through he got alot of niggas dats dead he mite forgot he shouted out soulja slim one of da realest niggas from new orleans so stop complainin jwil52starz