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4:56 PM March 4, 2013 mcon89 via Mobile:

These young niggas the truth east side stand up
2:45 PM January 5, 2013 AngelAndTrey11 said:

Mhy Niggaz.!!!
9:21 PM November 17, 2012 amarianWms said:

Stupid hard ***** my niggas nem the truth
3:42 PM November 13, 2012 kickstandgeneral said:

@ant498 nigga u just made a dumb statement at the end bruh...
3:09 PM November 12, 2012 JrFoy via Mobile:

Chattanooga fucc'in wit it
7:50 PM November 5, 2012 YungSlimTripleBlessed via Mobile:

Pbz stupid hard memphis stand up
9:29 AM November 5, 2012 dallascowboyzsukk said:

Don't overthink music...if you like it, cool. If not, cool. I respect they grind and I can ride to they ****. They street niggas rappin like every other artist on this site.
1:23 PM November 3, 2012 boogieboizent said:

i respect these niggas grind, chasing they dreams & that money, but they music aint no different than everybody else now a days..