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6:39 PM February 6, 2013 RealHipHopSupporter said:

@MixtapeKingFlawless Agreed man who ever those haters are they never heard real music
6:34 PM February 6, 2013 MixtapeKingFlawless said:

This Kid is Hot yall haters gotta get your ears checked
4:28 PM February 5, 2013 CreezSwagg said:

Downloading this. your muisic is dope Dozay
3:59 PM February 5, 2013 BangThis100 said:

You know you are a star when you have haters and dumb negative comments. You Hot bro, do your thing
7:01 PM December 1, 2012 Ghost_face_Trilla said:

This **** sucks!!! I didn't even know you could get a negative score lol. You sound like a wack Tyga. Your either suckin someone's **** or paying money for spins
9:01 PM November 28, 2012 fr33zy said:

This kid getting radio play in L.A, cant knock his hustle !!!!!!!!!!
10:31 PM November 22, 2012 Kenneth_Arj via Mobile:

Put it down. Can't wait for the album. ;)
6:33 PM November 2, 2012 Addicts85 said:

Super weak. Sound like every other rapper out. Do you. This **** is done.