Seven The General - A.R.T. (The DIA Project)

Featured INDY Re-Release

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2:11 PM February 24, 2013 seventhegeneral said:

@TJLipKe I got you fam thank you for the support
12:32 PM February 24, 2013 Tjlipke via Mobile:

This dudes gonna be detroits maino one day! I see u sev! Keep it up and get me plugged in with the dogs aha
12:14 AM January 30, 2013 Dreadkat35 via Mobile:

Been in heavy rotation dope ****!!!! Word is Bon!!!
8:26 AM January 20, 2013 seventhegeneral said:

@Bazolaaubin that message I sent @BlackMacGuver is for you ****** lmaoooooooooo
8:24 AM January 20, 2013 seventhegeneral said:

@BlavkMacguver shut yo ***** *** up *****! And yo mama Suck **** boy that's how you got here! you Internet porn **** beating ***** Gtfo the computer & go **** a ***** or something get off my **** fag
8:00 AM January 18, 2013 blakmcguyvah said:

keep doing what you do 7 **** the haters man....
1:47 AM January 17, 2013 bazolaaubin said:

rotten *** piece of ****..this big babies always think they're hard when they got guns in their hands lol they didn't stop making guns when they made mother****ers..and this tape SUCK..
1:03 PM January 9, 2013 hanifah313 said:

WOWZERS!!! I was not expecting a mixtape like this from a 7mile cat. Got me trying to say "stupid fruity loud pack" three times fast HA!!