ELKAY & Just Intellectual - Trap Nights Vol. 1

I grew up in So.Cal, Graduated college with my bachelors in audio engineering and sound arts, from expression college in San francisco... I currently live in Seattle,Wa.... I started djing and editing music using sony sound forge when i was like 14, then eventually moved on to FL studios and now I produce using Logic Pro and Pro tools. I am pro tools 9HD music and post operator certified. This is my first real release to the public.

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11:14 PM December 15, 2012 Justintellectual said:

1:28 PM December 10, 2012 Fabiano via Mobile:

LOCC THE **** UP!!!!!!!
12:12 AM December 9, 2012 ellkaymadethebeat said:

Thnx 2 those that d/l n voted. ::Vol. 2 Coming 2013::
10:15 PM December 2, 2012 cush18 said:

this **** is terrible, id like some dubstep but **** this
8:02 PM December 2, 2012 Abtinshahrvini said:

This **** goes TOO HARD!!
7:05 PM December 2, 2012 JacobRocket024 said:

206 stand up!
5:34 PM December 1, 2012 KBoogie23 said:

the outta my mind is dope
2:08 PM December 1, 2012 airfleming said:

the second song is better already