Don P - Chevron Don

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11:50 PM January 9, 2013 Grinding4REEL said:

I want to have a baby with Don Prez fine *** ;-)
11:49 PM January 9, 2013 Grinding4REEL said:

Don Prez is so damn ***xxxxxy!!!!! I love #8, #2,#9, #10, #4 !! And you know Freak Freaky Bad B*tch is my FAV (Bottle Poppin Always Shopping ..Ayyyye)
12:25 AM January 8, 2013 74tiltheworldblowJD said:

Damn kind of pissed off Im just now get on this...this **** here ridin folk real nigga muzik growth and developement all throught this muther****er keep goin at these niggas folk
6:39 PM November 27, 2012 RealNigga205 said:

man this **** need to be voted up Don u really put on for the ham on this **** WESTSIDE Nigga all day the realest nigga reppin the HAM!
7:02 PM November 14, 2012 ShezDaNewKB said:

this is literally a ridin' *** mixtape. I like something I can ride to! I notice the growth. Dont stop your ambition, keep it up && keep 'em coming!!
10:24 PM November 12, 2012 ScottyAtlPmg said:

s/o my nxgga Don man
7:45 AM November 12, 2012 loskee84 said:

now dis is frm atlanta and ill ride this before any other mix real ****....keep fukx wit dis!
7:38 PM November 9, 2012 bigcovdaking via Mobile:

Shout da homie Prez..
King ****! @bigcovdaking ugottapaymeGANG