Ro Spit - The American Dream EP (Hosted By District 81)

Ro Spit (Burn Rubber) & D81 have teamed up to bring you, "The American Dream" Pack. Ro Spit has provided the "Audio" soundtrack to the "Visual" fashion release. Each song correlates to a T-Shirt/Crewneck/Hoody that the clothing line is dropping. Be on the lookout for the clothes to drop 1 week from today, 11/19/12. Find out more information at

Be on the lookout for D81's Holiday 2012 season release of "The American Dream" pack.

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1:16 PM November 14, 2012 BzSk8er86 said:

oh **** Ro Spit what up doe
5:21 PM November 13, 2012 willmofo said:

@oksae, listen to the joint first. He said it plain, he was bread in the Yak (Pontiac). If you never heard of him then you must have been sleeping under a rock for years!!!
5:18 PM November 13, 2012 dat_d_townkid said:

@oksae Naw He From Pontiac
9:58 AM November 13, 2012 blackfonzi said:

Good shxt my guy......keep the grind heavy
9:46 AM November 13, 2012 The6footer said:

This cold. @oksae you never been to Burn Rubber either?
12:27 AM November 13, 2012 mobboss1 via Mobile:

Ok. But not ****in wit Poetic Gorilla Music !
10:20 PM November 12, 2012 oksae said:

Is he supposed to be from Detroit cuzz I never heard of him
7:35 PM November 12, 2012 Devilrap said: