Al-Doe - Nose Candy

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11:47 PM December 14, 2012 CADILLACSTS said:

Real talk comin from a 32yr old/ I ain't heard this type of lyrical art work and beat knockin' bazzed out head nock since the late 90's early 20 0 0's. AL-DOE THANK U.....
8:34 PM November 22, 2012 ARealNYG said:

Love this mixtape!! Timeless & a classic like Illmatic! Dope music production & lyricism! Finally a NY artist reppin NY correctly! Al-Doe is our next Big Pun!
4:53 PM November 19, 2012 trayj91 said:

this **** good. im just wondering hows the girl?
12:01 AM November 19, 2012 Jayace via Mobile:

That east coast gangsta ****! I'm fuccin wit it!
11:31 PM November 17, 2012 D_Mel said:

Good to see you see you still going hard my G. Shouts to team BBM and Al Doe.
2:23 PM November 16, 2012 drewgilchrist via Mobile:

11:44 AM November 16, 2012 RealHipHopFan4Life said:

Incredible Album!! Music production is top notch! Who is Elemnt???
11:42 AM November 16, 2012 RealHipHopFan4Life said:

From start to finish, how many albums this year can you honestly play straight through without skipping a song! Somebody get smart and sign him!! Chief Keep got a major deal??

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