Ras Kass - The Barmageddon Mixtape

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10:46 AM May 1, 2013 AboveGround said:

This **** str8🔥.
10:23 PM November 16, 2012 t3llz213 said:

Don't let these weak *** beats fool you, Ras Kass is still a fresh West Coast MC. Just like many other rappers who's producers can't carry the artist.
6:27 PM November 16, 2012 Dnate15 said:

I can ride to this.
4:58 PM November 16, 2012 ygeeru said:

12:58 PM November 16, 2012 rodlean via Mobile:

How many times gotta tell yawl niggas that the west is ****in done this ain't the ****in 90's sit the **** down *****es in my pimp c voice
1:52 PM November 15, 2012 Yubi said:

This C.D. is only for the real hip hop heads, str8 Fiyah!
9:58 AM November 15, 2012 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

9:55 AM November 15, 2012 mbball055 said:

ras kass is a ***** no doubt, got his *** stomped by game. that being said hes still got a nice flow and lyrics