Mark Battles - Saturday School

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12:07 AM September 18, 2014 veeerozay said:

mark battles is my nigga !!!!! love him and fly america ! can't forget euroz too !!
4:29 PM March 11, 2013 lilmario31 said:

mark battles dope af frfr
7:25 PM December 13, 2012 LouisVYoung said:

What he be talkin bout is slick along the lines of what XV talks about.
10:01 AM November 20, 2012 brandonck22 said:

Dude caught my attention from the beginning of the mixtape. Like I said, underground rappers need more love.. you can hear the hunger in his voice. Definitely voting up and downloading!
8:07 PM November 14, 2012 boddie2times said:

Vote tf up this is dope af