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3:49 PM June 2, 2013 elwerorolly said:

this **** dope!
9:40 PM January 21, 2013 KillaKendall said:

i **** with it. not bad young one
11:51 AM January 20, 2013 BENNY360 said:

Why is everybody hating for? Jitta putting CT on the map and his music fire name a artist from the 860 doing it like he is - #respect
1:32 AM January 7, 2013 ravl007 said:

That sample video at the top sounds pretty dope.. Lets try the tape..
12:33 PM December 28, 2012 lilfat said:

Dis **** Lame As Hell Atl Niggasz Not ****in Wit It...
10:48 AM November 27, 2012 paperboy99000 said:

hes arite but he aint real
4:01 PM November 26, 2012 B1GYank said:

This mixtape goes off idc what people say how many up coming rappers do you know that go on tour with drake flocka and many others?
4:35 AM November 26, 2012 Washingtongirl said:

Your cute and all but your music don't sound good