Irene The Dream - The Dream is Real

DJs: DJ Scream
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4:10 PM February 12, 2014 zoeboy59 via Mobile:

she straight
3:10 PM October 1, 2013 knowu said:

She not bad... She not great but She not bad. With all the whack dudes ppl listen to she should get on... Need more women in the game.
1:13 PM September 15, 2013 dolla516 said:

shorty beautiful sound good but the flow weak it would be better if shorty sing..singing about voice sounding good rapping is about lyrics and bars...just saying
10:18 AM June 11, 2013 Icky81 said:

Shawty Str8!!

"Ickyology" the mixtape- Google it!!
1:34 PM May 13, 2013 jp305miami said:

She got potential, she got nice lyrics but flow needs a lil work
3:37 PM January 15, 2013 dddtowns via Mobile:

.. might as well push play since im here
3:31 PM January 15, 2013 dddtowns via Mobile:

No sign of a thong
4:38 PM January 11, 2013 mista_1300 said:

um she should really not be a rapper. she might do better as a singer. she kinda sounded like a bootleg nicki minaj. just saying. the body is banging tho