Miloh Smith - Suite 404

Miloh Smith, the stylish songstress/MC presents her debut project, Suite 404. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Miloh uses her unique tone and sick melodies blended with hip hop/soul to make an incredible piece of work that everyone can enjoy. While the lead single "French" making it's way around the country, be on the lookout for the video coming soon!

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11:15 AM February 6, 2014 jwalk777 said:

this a classic
10:00 AM April 25, 2013 jr8515 via Mobile:

Rome Fortune "B****es on the track" brought me here
8:02 PM April 21, 2013 Ybebritton via Mobile:

6:45 PM March 28, 2013 AaronThaGreat said:

She real nice
9:02 AM March 20, 2013 btezzy said:

Dope Schit... Fux with your steez
9:09 PM March 8, 2013 Stayrappin88 said:

11:04 PM November 28, 2012 doughboyzcorn via Mobile:

Cold *****
11:51 AM November 23, 2012 PersianSwag said:

listen to blind, that is amazing talent