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Gucci Mane Vs. Yo Gotti

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Uploaded 11/20/2012
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2:35 PM October 22, 2017 triggamanSr via Mobile:

Gotti a rat
11:53 PM August 16, 2015 passion_202 via Mobile:

I ****s with Gucci but gotta goes harder real niggask no real music
10:48 PM December 27, 2013 Matown said:

IDGAF what nobody say ya'll can feed into their personal dispute by taking sides but I still bump Gucci & Gotti & been doin so for a minute,they both be goin in TRAP GOD & the Cocaine Cowboy
10:46 AM November 13, 2013 darion_b via Mobile:

Rofl boi all yall mf's funny who cares both them niggas go in but gucci harder
10:09 AM September 26, 2013 streetfighter4 via Mobile:

**** niggas were all white cuz they sniching.
7:44 PM September 6, 2013 umbrre said:

**** Gucci n 1017 *****squad. niggaz mad gotti real n on top
3:37 AM July 30, 2013 tyrawz said:

12:14 PM July 7, 2013 streetfighter4 said:

Y gotti got a crown on he ain't no king