Sy Yung - Say Hello

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3:03 PM December 15, 2012 djtiny said:

Wat big homie. Yall did it big. Much luv to the cause. Stay up its hard out here Nigga. I cu workin!
10:18 PM November 27, 2012 CharleeBoom said:

Scared $ don't make no $$$$! That's what up Sy Yung! Glad to see you keepin on the front line!
10:11 PM November 27, 2012 D4rick said:

Sorry. I was late for my own birth. But, I'm down for this heat! Big ups to Sy and Dj MLK.
I will be on the look out for more from you both..
9:50 PM November 27, 2012 DjMG said:

I'm feeling it! From 1 to 16... Nothing wrong for having something for everybody! I stamp this "DELIVERED". S/o Sy Yung and Dj MLK
8:33 PM November 27, 2012 CharleeSmiles said:

Okay, salute to Sy Yung and Dj MLK this mixtape is so on point! Thanks for putting the formula into a cold plan of action!
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10:13 PM November 23, 2012 DjBigO317 said:

S/O to @SyYung25 & @DjMlk
7:04 PM November 20, 2012 marquise574 via Mobile:

S/O To My Nigga Yung
1:24 PM November 20, 2012 lucanology said:

All Day Sy Yung!!!!