Brianna Perry - Symphony No. 9

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10:44 PM July 13, 2014 redcopper1056 said:

she's my dream girl... My match from heaven!!! I want you, and I'm gone find you when my money right
10:02 PM October 26, 2013 kaymecia said:

man yall sound dumb as hell if yall not fukin wit this i can see a couple songs not ridin but she smoove as hell fuk #itsgood not great as the last tape but #itsgood
6:12 PM March 26, 2013 Themonger24 via Mobile:

#3 #4
3:40 PM March 13, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

2:22 PM March 13, 2013 skony74 said:

****ing with it
5:55 PM March 11, 2013 bigbrotherbrown86 said:

Showin' sum luv from Killa Cali...**** what dey lookin' at do ya thang girl! DL & VOTE UP^^
5:13 PM March 11, 2013 musicismylife901 said:

I think she has so much potential to be a staple artist but gets looked over. Atlantic Records and her team needs to make her a priority so the world is aware of her.
3:28 PM March 10, 2013 DaMusicManiac said:

Good ****.