Jeff Chery - Jetset Vagabond

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3:30 PM June 2, 2013 myconnec said:

this kid is nice
11:49 PM April 9, 2013 DjCartel said:

@ToineZilla you was right im ****in with em and i voted
3:24 PM April 9, 2013 tmorrison said:

this tape shouldnt even be indy!. Never even heard of you but ****s dope
11:51 AM February 26, 2013 mike245 said:

nice tape
4:08 PM February 25, 2013 BLaiiSev2 via Mobile:

His voice reminds me of tyga. Good *** mixtape tho
10:16 AM February 23, 2013 wuyzie via Mobile:

No.4 what sample is that?
8:50 AM February 22, 2013 P2thaR said:

This **** hard but why niggas not votin we gotta vote POSITIVE for this tape so other outside sources can see this as a CLASSIC. Men lie, women lie, numbers CAN'T!
8:12 AM February 22, 2013 iamavagabond said:

man dope stuff NUCCA* had this on repeat since its been out keep grinding