Trill Murray - MiDNiGHT

TRiLL MURRAY is arguably one of the hottest up-and-coming producers on the scene. He combines the authentic trance synths and epic leads used so widely in dubstep with the half-step crunkification of South American rap music. Churning out intricate ethereal melodies polished, conceived and intelligent. TRiLL is on his way to becoming a household name. While his true identity remains a mystery to the public it is obvious that this young producer has been experienced in making music and has found a niche creating original catchy music for the masses. TRiLL likes to think of his music as a Sexual Journey through space filled with heart churning 808s and epic melodies that can only be described as True and Real TRiLLs name is derived from the musical term Trill which is described as a quaver, warble, or shake, a rapid succession of sounds, and his fascination and idolization for actor Bill Murray. Although instead of keeping it comical he keeps it real and true to form. While we may not find out his true identity for a while we can always count on TRiLL to keep the music real and true to form. Be on the lookout as he marks his way as a serious contender in todays EDM/Hip-Hop world.

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8:11 PM January 16, 2013 MzToyToy said:

in my 10 year olds words..."that sounds good". I agree.
11:02 PM January 15, 2013 tillamonsta said:

VVVV truuuuuu
8:58 AM January 14, 2013 law221 said:

I don't understand why there's so much hate. There is some quality *** production on this project. I enjoyed it. Good presentation all around and a definite +1 from me.
7:48 AM January 13, 2013 mrGentlemen said:

Just because a producer makes a beat, doesn't mean they NEED to have anyone rap on it. Just listen to the music... dumba-s hater.
3:57 PM January 12, 2013 Wheeliejunt81 said:

WTF!! Is this slow techno??!! Anywayz,, BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Who you gone get to rap/ sing/ help you out with this $#!t?
9:55 PM January 10, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

complete trash
7:13 PM January 10, 2013 Gotniks said:

wow this rite here is MUSIC something you young cats know nothing about... 502 love it
4:09 PM January 10, 2013 710records said:

this is beautiful stuff up in hurr